WPtouch WordPress Plugin: xioup.com is IPhone, Android, Blackberry & PalmOS enabled

by Kurt Milam on December 28, 2009

We installed version 1.9.73 of the WPtouch IPhone WordPress Plugin on this site over the weekend and couldn’t be happier with the results, so far.

Horizontal IPhone displaying xioup Home Page

This is how the xioup Home page looks on an IPhone, thanks to WPtouch.

Rating: 5/5 (A Plugin that works!) – We’re extremely impressed with the quality of the plugin – it looks like the guys who developed it, over at Bravenewcode, really know what they’re doing.

In a Nutshell: The WPtouch plugin serves a stripped-down version of your WordPress site that’s crafted to work on the most popular mobile devices. It cuts down file sizes, requests and load times for viewers using one of the target devices. Out of the box, it delivers an IPhone-themed version of your site, but you can change the look and feel of the theme via the plugin dashboard and/or modifying the CSS, if you’d like.

Vertical Android emulator displaying this web page

How this web page looks on an Android emulator, thanks to WPtouch.

Installation & Activation: A snap via the WordPress Dashboard.

Configuration: The WPtouch Dashboard contains a bunch of configuration options, all very well explained and documented. You’ll want to spend some time looking through these options closely and testing the results on appropriate mobile devices and/or emulators to make sure everything looks right.

Advantages: Highly configurable, easy to set up, has excellent documentation, does what it says and is mostly compatible with almost all of the plugins we’ve tested it with.

Drawbacks: Incompatible with DISQUS Comment System. Requires workaround to be compatible with WP Cache / WP Super Cache. Not completely compatible with some other plugins, but doesn’t interfere with them, at least.


  • WordPress 2.6+ – 100% Compatible
  • DISQUS Comment System – Incompatible / Considerable Interference
    • Causes conflicts in comment functionality (we deactivated DISQUS in the meantime)
  • Sociable – 100% Compatible!
    • Readers viewing the WPtouch version of your site will see Sociable bookmark icons
  • Thesis Theme – 100% Compatible!
    • No interference noted to date
  • TwitterLink Comments – No Interference
    • TwitterLink Comments is disabled for readers viewing the WPTouch version of your site
  • WP Cache and WP Super Cache – Partial compatibility with documented workaround
  • WP Greet Box – 100% Compatible!
    • Readers viewing the WPtouch version of your site will see WP Greet Box messages
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – No Interference
    • YARPP is disabled for readers viewing the WPtouch version of your site
    • WPtouch apparently has its own built-in related posts functionality, which we haven’t tested yet

Parting Notes: We’ve only tested the site in an IPhone and an Android emulator, so far. If you’re using a mobile device or emulator to view the site, let us know how it looks!

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Cherry March 9, 2010 at 10:30

Nice plugin! I think WPtap and WPtouch are all very great. They have the same function to make PC websites optimized for mobile devices. WPtap has four themes. I prefer to WPtap.

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