xioup’s commitment to our customers:

Stuff that works!

Projects that work!

We won’t knowingly accept a project that has a high probability of failure. Before we begin a new project, we analyze the key factors that help to determine the likelihood of project success. If any of those factors are out of line, we’ll work with you to try to get the factors correctly aligned, first. If that’s not possible, we’ll turn down the project. We’re looking to build positive, long-term relationships with our customers, and an important part of that is knowing when to say “no.”

Processes that work!

We’ve honed our processes over many years of experience. You will be closely involved in all phases of your project, from start to finish. Working closely with customers and integrating them into their projects is an important way to ensure that the projects are finished on time, on budget, and don’t get off track. Before we begin a project, we will explain our process to you, explain your role in the process, and make sure we have appropriate buy-in.

Products that work!

It is possible to have a successful project managed via an excellent process and still end up with a product that’s broken – that isn’t usable or intuitive for its end-users, or that doesn’t deliver added value to its consumers. xioup’s expertise in information architecture, user experience and usability are key to ensuring that the end product works, but some products will require more than our general expertise in these areas. We design user-friendly, accessible web sites and intuitive forms, widgets and controls, but if your product is a complex, industry-specific application, we’ll need ongoing access to domain experts and representative end-user testers in order to get it right.