Meet the xioup Team

Kurt Milam

Vice President, Software and Internet Services

At the Summit - Mt. Hochobir in Southern Austria

At the Summit - Mt. Hochobir, Southern Austria

With more than ten years of experience in the software and Internet industries, Kurt is the web version of a jack of all trades. He has an excellent understanding of the technical and business sides of software and web projects. He’s written lots of code, analyzed business practices, designed complete solutions and managed large software projects for customers in a variety of industries.

Career Highlights:

  • Native US Citizen, legal resident of Austria
  • Began his career in software developing custom, web-enabled enterprise applications
    • Software Engineer for MD Services
    • Software Engineer for Dell’s Large Enterprise Sales division
    • Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager for
  • Moved to Austria after the dot-com bubble burst and worked on and managed a variety of web and software projects for different employers
  • Successfully managed software and web projects for customers in a variety of industries, including consumer goods, banking, insurance and health care


“Working as a project consultant is the bee’s knees – it allows me to be involved in every phase of a software project. I get to learn about the customer’s business, help him define his requirements, design a fitting software solution and manage the project to a successful finish. But I value the time I spent programming applications early in my career – because of it, I have an understanding of the technical side of software and web development that gives me a holistic view of the development process.”

Craig Milam
Vice President, Inbound Marketing, SEO, Online Reputation Management

With almost ten years of experience in the Internet industry, Craig is an expert in web site design, new media marketing (social networking, search engine optimization and online advertising).

Career Highlights:

  • Native US Citizen residing in Texas
  • Started out as a freelancer designing and building web sites for bands, artists and small businesses in Europe and the US
  • Working with “white hat” SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and marketing via social networks since 2003
  • Has managed highly successful new media marketing and search engine optimization campaigns for customers in a variety of industries