Team Portfolio: Premium CMS Website Development – NÖM AG

by Kurt Milam on April 1, 2010

Client: NÖM AG
Team Members: Kurt Milam (working for OgilvyInteractive Worldwide)
Industry: Consumer Dairy Products
Service Areas: Content Management System (CMS) Implementation
Software: ART (in-house CMS), XML & XSLT, Macromedia Fireworks
Time Frame: 2003

NÖM AG - Home Page Screenshot

NÖM AG - Home Page Screenshot


NÖM AG is a leading producer of consumer dairy products and one of the best-known homegrown brands in Austria. They do an excellent job of associating their brand with the concept of high quality in their classic marketing efforts, and they wanted to ensure that their web presence was just as effective. The concept prepared for the company by my then co-workers at OgilvyInteractive contained quite a few advanced features and design elements that pushed the boundaries of our CMS abilities.

The company also needed a solution that enabled non technical employees to easily customize all of the site’s content.

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NÖM AG - Content Page Screenshot

NÖM AG - Content Page Screenshot


Implement a CMS-based website with advanced features such as: on-the-fly image generation (with Macromedia Fireworks’ scripting engine), CMS-based form-builder, lots of rounded edges, highly configurable sidebar content boxes, random background images, scrolling news ticker and more.

I (Kurt Milam) served as software architect and technical lead for a team of web producers and technicians who worked to implement the novel, visually appealing design created by one of my favorite Austrian designers, Thomas Mostböck.

NÖM AG - Content Page Screenshot

NÖM AG - Content Page Screenshot


  • The customer has a website:
    • with a unique, professional design
    • that is highly customizable and can be easily updated by marketing personnel with little technical knowledge or experience
    • that matches the look and feel, as well as the high quality of their classic marketing and advertising campaigns

Coda: The NÖM website is holding up pretty well for its advanced age. The design is exactly the same as when I finished working on it, back in 2003. I notice that they’ve switched to a different CMS system, and some of the advanced features we built for them either didn’t survive the conversion or are simply no longer in use. Nonetheless, the site still looks great and works quite well.

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