5 Steps to Add an Administrator to a Facebook Business Page

by Craig Milam on July 29, 2010

More and more companies are utilizing Facebook fan pages every day. And, as Facebook expands more companies are hiring professional web designers to administer their pages. Rather than giving out your private login information, you’ll want to manually add your designer as an administrator to your page. In this blog post we will look at manually adding an administrator to your Facebook Fan Page. Before you start you should make sure you have added your designer as a friend on Facebook.

Step one: Log in to Facebook

Step two: Type the name of your page into the search box in the upper portion of the page (the name should appear as you are typing). Click on your page’s name to be taken to your page’s wall.

Search for your Business Name on Facebook

Step 2: Search for your Business Name

Step three: Once on the wall of your fan page, you should see your profile photo plus 4 links directly below your profile picture. The first link says “Edit Page”. Click this link to be taken to your Facebook Page’s options page.

Click Edit Page to get to Facebook Fan Page Options

Step 3: Click "Edit Page" to get to Fan Page Options

Step four: Once you are on the Options Page you will see a number of wider boxes on the left side of the content area, a number of smaller boxes to the right of these, and lastly facebook ads on the far right outside of the content area. The smaller boxes in the content area should be named “News for Page Admins”, “Promote your Page”, “Admins”, “Help with Your Page”, and “Promote with Facebook Badge”. In the “Admins” box you should see your picture. On the same line as the word “Admins” is a link which says “Add”. Click this link.

Find the Adminstrator box on Your Facebook Options Page and click Add

Step 4: Find the Adminstrator box and click Add

Step five: At this point a box should pop up in the middle of the page which lists your friends. Select your web designer from your list of friends and click the button on the bottom of the box which says “Add Admins”. Congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step in upgrading your Facebook page.

Select your Facebook administrator from your list of Facebook friends

Step 5: Select your administrator from your list of friends

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