Supercharged BatchBook Web Form Demo

by xioup on January 18, 2009

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Take a look at the Request a Quote form on the right. It's still in beta, so you may find some errors! If you'd like to test it out and submit it, here's what will happen:

Your information will be posted to our account. This includes the data you enter into the form, as well as your country, ISO country code, region, city, latitude, longitude, a subset of google analytics data stored on your browser that is specific to (will most likely be empty since you probably don't have any GA cookies in your browser).

Annotated ScreenShot of a BatchBook record created via the Request a Quote Form

Click the image to see a full-sized annotated ScreenShot of a BatchBook record created via the Request a Quote Form with the user's Google Analytics data, location, browser, operating system, language and region settings, and more!

We will send a single email to the address you entered in order to show you what data was captured by the form. We'll put a tiny bit of tasteful marketing text in the email, as well ;-)

If you decide not to respond to the email, we'll delete the data you entered, and we will never contact you again based on that data. We also won't share that data with any third parties.

The form is still in development and may be buggy. There are a few TODOs, such as: integrate with MailChimp, provide a nice looking landing page for users who have javascript turned off and test in more browsers.

If you'd like to contact us directly with questions, comments or bug reports, feel free to send an email to, or leave a comment in the related blog post.

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