Web-Based Insurance Policy Generator

Client: One of Austria’s largest insurers
Team Members: Kurt Milam (working for fecher GmbH)
Industry: Insurance
Service Areas: Web-based applications, Outsourcing / Offshoring
Technologies: ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000, AJAX, XML

Is your company in need of an insurance policy generation application? Policy generators built by our team members are generating live policies for respected insurance companies in Austria, Slovenia and Italy right now. Contact us today to learn more!


The client secured the license to sell insurance products in Italy and had signed cooperation agreements with various Italian agent networks. The client needed to quickly provide Italian insurance agents with a way to generate insurance policies in the Household / Homeowner, Accident / Disability and Automobile insurance branches.


  • The client’s existing policy-generation software was not internationalized – it had a monolingual (German) interface
  • It only printed policy documents in German and for the Austrian market
  • It had to be installed locally on each agent’s PC
  • All of the client’s documentation explaining the various policies, restrictions and calculations was written in German

Solution: Internationalized, Web-Based Insurance Policy Generator

In order to specify the rules, restrictions and calculations for each type of insurance, we analyzed hundreds of pages of policy documentation (written in German) and existing calculation tools and worked together with the client’s branch and Italian insurance specialists. We encoded the rules and calculations into a flexible and easily updated format. We specified an internationalized user interface and passed the specifications on to our team of software engineers in Romania.

From that point, we managed the team of software engineers and testers as they implemented and tested the application. We worked closely with them to devise solutions to especially sticky challenges. In under three months, our team completed a fully-functional web-based application that allowed agents to create, save and manage business cases in all three target insurance branches. The tool allowed agents to enter all required information in a modern Internet browser interface and generate properly calculated insurance policies in PDF format for printing and signing.


  • The client was able to begin selling insurance policies in the Italian market in a short time and at a low cost
  • The client now has an insurance policy generator that:
    • is easily modified when adding new products, or when the underlying calculations for an existing product change
    • is easily updated in response to changing regulatory requirements
    • is easily localized for distribution in new country markets
    • is completely web-based, meaning that new agents can begin to use it quickly, without having to install special software on their PCs
    • has cleanly encapsulated business logic, making it easy to develop new interfaces (e.g. fat client or client-server) reusing existing logic to cover a vareity of needs
    • integrates seamlessly with the client’s existing backend systems