Straight to the Top of Google

Client: Superior Foundation Repair
Team Members: Craig Milam
Service Areas: Website Development, New Media Marketing (SEO, Corporate Blog, Social Networking, Online Advertising)
Services: Wordpress, Hubspot, Facebook, Twitter

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Superior Foundation Repair (SFR) is a central Texas based foundation repair company that had a nice corporate website with a good quantity of quality content, all running on Wordpress.


  • Despite having quality content, the site was not ranking well for important search terms
  • SFR’s owner was interested in using social networking, online advertising and a corporate blog as marketing tools, but was unsure where to start


Determine the important keywords that potential customers would search for and tweak the site to improve its ranking for those words. Also, set up a corporate blog, implement social networking efforts and an online advertising campaign.

We determined a few constellations of important search terms and made the necessary adjustments to the site to improve its ranking for those terms. We also set up the corporate blog and social networking efforts in order to complement the SEO efforts. Additionally, we devised some low cost, locally targeted online advertising campaigns to drive motivated customers to the site.


  • In less than three weeks, SFR’s site went from the third page to the first page in google searches for the targeted constellations of terms
  • Traffic to the site increased ten-fold
  • Concrete customer inquiries received via the site tripled
  • After maxing out our initial efforts with the site still running on WordPress, we migrated it over to HubSpot, an excellent service with high quality, built-in SEO and analytics tools