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We’ll leave you with a quick list of advantages a Formstack – WebFormGlue – BatchBook combination offers.

Quick Reference
WebFormGlue inserts the data entered into your Formstack forms directly and instantaneously into your BatchBook database. It allows you to take advantage of the following powerful Formstack features, and still have your contact data go straight into BatchBook:

  1. Take control of your contact forms’ styling
  2. Add contact forms directly to your website
  3. Add validation rules and required fields to your contact forms
  4. Send an automated, personalized confirmation email to each new contact as soon as he submits a form
  5. Take advantage of Formstack’s existing integrations with third party applications like MailChimp, Chargify and FreshBooks
  6. Create special forms geared to mobile devices
    • Your sales team can use these forms to easily input new contact data that they collect while on the road or at conferences
    • Take a look at this example. It’s a simple, narrower version of the previously-linked survey form.
  7. Collect data calculated based on user input
    • Automatically generate a calculated estimate for each contact – and send the estimate to him in the confirmation email!
  8. Add hidden fields to your forms
  9. Create multi page forms, forms with Captcha SPAM protection and “save progress and return later” functionality
  10. Automatically notify the right people in your organization as soon as each contact form is submitted
  11. Collect important information like referrer data, Google Analytics data, geolocation data and more, automatically
  12. Get all of the data collected via your Formstack web forms directly into BatchBook — no manual entry required!